A random chronicle

What if...

Everything you learned in school, from history to physics to math, was distorted or wrong?

What if...

Religion, scientific research, news media, and other resources for understanding reality were all compromised?

What if...

We all woke up?

"There is tranquility in ignorance, but servitude is its partner." - unknown

Open Your Eyes To...

Think for Ourselves

Read, listen, watch, learn, experiment, share. Repeat.

Alternatives to our broken energy system -- not just wind or solar, but zero point, FREE energy. See what Jason Verbelli is doing, for example.

Alternatives to our broken financial system -- investigate barter, local currencies, time banking, precious metals, and sharing.

Alternatives to our broken healthcare system -- do what you can to stay healthy in the first place. Learn where your food comes from. Learn to discern what's really organic versus what's "natural". Eat less or no meat. Grow fruits and vegetables, or even just herbs on your windowsill. Filter your water. Supplement smartly with necessary vitamins, minerals and extracts. Investigate childhood vaccines very carefully, including alternative vax schedules. Choose the bare minimum, use religious exemptions when needed, and make sure that all injections are thimerosol-free. No mercury dental fillings. Investigate Reiki, energy medicine, and other forms of self-care. Exercise, meditate, care for body AND mind.

Alternatives to our broken environmental protection system -- YOU ARE IT. Recycle and Freecycle. Pick up trash and try not to add more. Avoid plastic bottles and plastic packaging in all forms. If you have a yard, try xeriscaping with beneficial native plants. Investigate and test methods to mitigate EMFs and minimize chemtrails.

Alternatives to our broken mass media system -- step away from the inculcating violence, greed, and stupidity of mainstream media. Use discernment in evaluating news and entertainment. Take a class, join a club, help a senior neighbor, get involved in your community.

Why does this stuff matter?

WTC Building 7 shows 911 was an inside job

Because we survive or perish together.

As Wayne Dyer says, on a round planet, there's no choosing sides.

We're all connected.